Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello, my online name is KakHome. I play a lot of games and currently the one I'm playing most is the sometimes overlooked Descent series. My favorites are the first two, despite the third being more technologically advanced. In a way these games are still somewhat unique in the shooting genre in that they are among the only ones to give the player a full 360-degrees of movement - i.e. no gravity. Yet, these games became somewhat under-popular IMO. There are only a limited number of sites still open on the web that cover them, and few if any I know that do reviews. My goal is to do some reviews of Descent I and II levels that properly highlight the ones that deserve attention, in my opinion. I am strongly geared towards single player, so that's what the focus will be, for the time being.

If another Descent player would like to join or contribute to this blog, I am open for suggestions! Simply email me at (ignore any gmail account reference as it's a secondary address of mine) or drop me a message at (username is KakHome).


  1. Hi KakHome, it's me Pumo!
    I'm the first to comment on your blog!

    Can't wait to see your Phobos Encounter review!
    Are you goin' to make a detailed review of each level, or a general overall review?
    I'm curious...

  2. I may do either, depending on what I feel like at the time, but either way I'll cover it all! :) If you'd like to join the blog just let me know with message or email. I'd be happy. :) Also you can email or message me your own reviews alternatively. Thanks for the comment/interest! :D

  3. OK, I've sent you a message in the XL forums. Check it out. ;)

  4. Why don't you add a download link for the mission you're reviewing at the end of each post?

  5. @Vertigo Fox - There is one (and already was one) but I made it a bit "clearer" to find. :)