Sunday, April 15, 2012

About Me: Pumo :D

OK, so, this is my first article in this nice Blog (Founded by KakHome), where both of us, KakHome and I, are making a Blog partnership to write articles about Descent, from one side and the other.
Pretty cool, don't you think?

To be honest, it's the first time I write at a 'shared' blog, so I hope this will be a nice article.
As a suggestion from KakHome, I'm goin' to intruduce myself first, before anything:

<- Caricaturized version of me, drawn by: me :P

I'm Pumo (as many already know :P), also known as Torbernite, Pumo-Torbernite and, as a musician, as R.a.M. Land.
(You can also call me Ruben if you want, it's my real first name).

I'm a total fan of Descent, and specially of Single-Player (Much like KakHome :) ), and I'm an enthusiast of Descent modding and mapping, as a modder and level-author myself.

My main mod project is Pumo Mines : Kartsal Motivation, an ambitious Single-Player mission with 20 levels (17 + 3 secret) designed for D2X-XL port of Descent 2, with lots of new stuff, including custom high-resolution graphics, custom movies, custom weapons, custom high quality music, custom robots, custom sounds, new characters, and a completely new story and universe to unfold! (Nothing related to original Descent PTMC and stuff). Although right now, iIve only got the chance to make a 3-level release :P.
(It's a hard work, but it's somewhat like the opus of my life, so I'm always working on it).

If you want to check out the 3-level demo release, check this link to download it:
(requires Descent 2 and D2X-XL to play, so actually, it's not that 'classic' :P)

On the other hand, I do also work as a resident musician at a band on a young-oriented convention (dedicated to Japanese Animation and Comics, where I also work as exhibitor), and sometimes I also play at other events (note the main instrument I play is the Keyboard. Keyboards and Synths FTW!! :D ).

But also, on my free time, and mostly as a hobby, I compose music, not only for my Descent projects, but music in general, that's when I transform into: R.a.M. Land!

And I think that pretty much resumes who I am and what I'm doing here. I'm going to write some nice Descent articles from time to time along with KakHome, and I think the next one will be oriented to SDLDevil, the new version of our beloved old-school D1/D2 level editor, Devil.


And now, spam time (lol)!!
These are my websites if you're interested in both my Descent stuff and my music:

Pumo Software Website (With info about Pumo Mines)

Pumo Software Blog (Yeap, I do also have my own Blog)

R.a.M. Land Official Website (For all musical things)



  1. Great introduction IMO! :) I highly anticipate your future articles. Like I said, feel free to post ANYTHING Descent related, even if it covers something I've already covered, it's still a welcome addition, all contributions highly welcome! :)


  2. So considering the speed of progress on your 'opus', should I just check back in 20 years and then it'll be done? ha ha :D

    1. Haha, maybe! Although I hope it not to be like that. :I