Sunday, June 10, 2012

What are some good Descent I missions?

Recently I've been in a Descent I mood and I'm looking for some good missions (longer than a level) for it that are well worth playing. I already know of the staples Vignettes and ONP. But a search of the Descent Missions Database has revealed other sets varying from 3 to around 15 levels that have decent ratings. They are:

Nefarious Assault (demo, but only missing 2/19 levels)
Descent Again
Vanguard Beta (HDVBETA)

I didn't include any with such poor scores that it's obvious they aren't worth my time. Anyways, if anyone is interested in giving out recommendations, I'd appreciate any and all comments for this post and/or emails to me ( explaining if you've personally played any of the title I mentioned above and, if so, which ones you'd most recommend. Thanks!


Note: I have a busy week ahead but my next full post should be ready not later than next weekend.


  1. You should check out the 'Miranda CC Incident',
    a great D1 multi-level mission that although I've not played it completely, I find it pretty good as far as I can tell. :)

  2. I can't find any working downloads to the missions, could you give me one or email the files to (as attachment)? Either would be appreciated, thanks for the recommendation. :)

    As side note, are there any I listed you have particular thoughts on, if you don't mind sharing?

  3. Note that if a mission has 0% on dmdb, it usually means it simply hasn't been rated yet, so it is a good idea to review them so you can tell others if it is indeed worth their time. That's the point of reviewing, IMO.

    Oh wait, the post was made in June... well what I say still stands if you're still around. :)