Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A (very overdue) quick update!!

No, I'm not dead, nor have I abandoned this blog, even if the last three weeks might have you thinking that way.

I have been busy recently, but I've played quite a lot of Descent, including finishing two of the very large mission packs out there - Descent Vignettes and Descent 1: The Lost Levels. Reviews of those missions, possibly split into multiple posts due to their length (and subsequently, a lot to cover regarding them) are planned. The current large mission I'm working on playing, and I'm currently on Level 4, is... INTERRUPTION! I've decided I'm not going to say what it is outright, but I will instead provide a hint that should be quite helpful. It is larger than either of the previous two I mentioned having completed, in terms of level count.

Meanwhile, I am throwing some random single levels or much smaller mission into the mix at the same time, which should get reviewed a bit more quickly.

I am looking for topics other than reviews to post on this blog as well. I have an idea about music, which Pumo also helped me come up with, and maybe a few smaller ideas as well, but ultimately I'd like to end up with three or more distinct types of posts I can make on a(n) (at least somewhat) regular bases. Suggestions would be highly welcomed!

And of course - to me what is possibly even more important than suggestions for what I should post - is some additional attendance and interest in this blog. I fully welcome any and all with interest in Descent single player or this blog in general to join; just ask me with a private message (to KakHome) on www.descent2.de/forum, with your blogger email address, and chances are I'll not only allow you to join but I'll highly welcome it as well! :D And if you aren't on that forum, always feel free to email me. My address is bdl816@aol.com. Now I only hope Pumo has some good stuff cooking up in his oven too...:D

That's all for now! Except...I've decided to throw in a little extra. Below is a screenshot of a main area from the single level I'm currently playing. It's not a common level at all as far as I know, but that's not to say it's been a bad level at all!

If you have a guess at what level it is, please go ahead and take a shot by posting a comment! I'll let you know if you're correct or not. :)


  1. Well, I must say I don't recognize the level on the screenshot, lol :P.

    Which mission it may be? (head scratch)

  2. No just busy, keep getting unexpected duties. It mostly takes me a while to get screenshots compared to other things. I may do an update with no screens at first and add them at some later time.

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